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 Halo3  Churchill CAMBRIDGE 14/12/2009


Date Mission Payload Dev Launch Landing KML
15/10/05 Pegasus I jcoxon Launch Landed KML
04/03/06 Pegasus II jcoxon LaunchLost
15/07/06 Pegasus IIIjcoxon Launch Landed KML
15/07/06 MiHAB 1 laurenceb LaunchFound
09/09/06 Nova 1 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
10/09/06 MiHAB 2 laurenceb LaunchLanded KML
19/11/06 Nova 2 CU Spaceflight Launch Lost
07/01/07 Nova 3 CU Spaceflight LaunchDumped into the North Sea washed up here
03/02/07 UKHAS 1 (XABEN 1, Tracker 4, MC 1, MiHAB 3) UKHASLaunch Landed
07/03/07 Nova 4 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
24/03/07 Nova 5 CU Spaceflight LaunchFound near Bedford
01/04/07 XABEN2 , MiHAB Glider Flight 1 rocketboy, laurenceb Launch Landed
28/04/07 Pegasus Vjcoxon Launch Landed KML
01/07/07 Pegasus V jcoxon Launch Dumped into the North Sea here
04/08/07UltraHABlaurenceb LaunchLost
24/11/07FHALP-1jcoxonLaunchDumped into the North Sea
16/12/07UKHAS Rogallolaurenceb Launch LandedKML
10/02/08FHALP-2jcoxon LaunchLanded FOUND (28/02/08)KML
26/04/08FHALP-3jcoxon LaunchLanded
23/07/08Nova 6 CU Spaceflight Launch Landedkml
25/07/08Nova 7 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
25/08/08HAPS-1 jcoxon/dellison Launch Landed KML
29/08/08Nova 8/HAPS-D CU Spaceflight/ dellison LaunchLanded KML
02/11/08Pegasus VI jcoxon Launch Landed KML
01/12/08Nova 9 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed KML
03/01/09Icarus II Launch 1 rjharrisonLaunch Landed KML
20/03/09UKHAS Rogallo laurencebLaunch Landed KML
22/03/09Nova 10 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
12/04/09Icarus II Launch 2 rjharrisonLaunch Lost (Downham Market) KML
25/04/09Apex I Apex Team - Sutton Grammar School LaunchLost (Lincolnshire) KML
30/04/09XABEN4 RocketBoy(G8KHW) Launch Landed
24/05/09XABEN5/6 RocketBoy(G8KHW) Launch Landed
29/05/09Icarus II Launch 3 rjharrison Launch LandedKML
09/06/09XABEN7/8 RocketBoy(G8KHW) Launch Landed
10/06/09Nova 13 CU Spaceflight Launch Dumped into the North Sea here
17/07/09BallastHalo 1AtlanticHalo TeamLaunch Landed KML
18/07/09BallastHalo 2 - floated for 7hrs15minAtlanticHalo TeamLaunch Landed KML
21/08/09Nova 14 - first UK uplinkCU Spaceflight Launch Dumped into the North Sea
29/09/09Icarus II Launch 4 rjharrison LaunchLanded
07/11/09Icarus II Launch 5 rjharrison LaunchLanded
07/11/09XABEN9 RocketBoy(G8KHW) LaunchLanded Graph
03/12/09B2_HK CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
14/12/09BallastHalo 3AtlanticHalo TeamLaunch Landed N. France
20/02/10BallastHalo 4AtlanticHalo TeamLaunch Landed S. Netherlands
24/02/10Nova 17 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
07/03/10Orion Scott James Launch Landed
16/04/10ProjectCirrus/Hadie ProjectCirrus / Fsphil Launch Landed
17/04/10Icarus II Launch 6 rjharrison LaunchLanded
02/05/10ALIEN-1 ALIEN Team LaunchLanded
15/05/10Icarus III rjharrison LaunchLanded
30/05/10telent telent team EARS Near Brugge Belgium
17/06/10Nova18 and Peg VIICUSF + jcoxonLaunch Landed
25/06/10Infinity 2010Boston Spa School/rjharrison LaunchLanded
30/06/10HelioSS 1junderwood/Sponne School Launch Recovered 1 week later (Stowmarket, Suffolk)
10/07/10BallastHalo 5AtlanticHalo TeamLaunch Dumped in to the North Sea
16/07/10Apex II Apex Team - Sutton Grammar School Launch Landed
16/07/10KHS1 Kesgrave High School EARS Found 17/11/10
16/07/10Bello Mondo 1 Michael Cain EARS Landed
10/11/10XABEN10 RocketBoy(G8KHW) Launch Dumped in North Sea - recovered on Southwold beach
13/11/10Atlas jcoxon Launch Dumped in North Sea
21/11/10Edgar Bournemouth Uni EARS Landed
09/01/11hadie:2 fsphil Launch Lost (North Yorkshire) - Predicted landing site
22/01/11Bello Mondo 2 Michael Cain LaunchLanded
12/02/11Bello Mondo 3 Michael Cain EARS Landed
09/04/11APEX II Apex Team - Sutton Grammar School Launch Landed
09/04/11ARTEMIS-1 Craig Chapman Launch Landed
10/04/11GAGA-1 John Graham-Cumming Launch Landed
10/05/11ATLAS2 jcoxon Launch Landed
14/05/11Kings College London + XABEN11 Kings College London EARS Landed
04/06/11hadie:3 fsphil Launch Landed
30/06/11Kesgrave High School + XABEN12 Kesgrave High School EARS Landed
02/07/11HABE1 Adam Cudworth Launch Landed
04/07/11XABEN13 RocketBoy (G8KHW) EARS Landed
10/07/11CLOUD1 daveake Launch Landed
14/08/11Bristol Uni + XABEN14 Bristol Uni. EARS Landed
27/08/11XABEN 15 RocketBoy EARS Landed
27/08/11XABEN 16 Rocketboy EARS Landed
27/08/11Bello Mondo 4 Michael Cain EARS Landed
17/09/11CLOUD2 daveake Launch Dumped in North Sea
27/09/11XABEN 17 Rocketboy Elsworth Landed
01/10/11Bello Mondo 5 Michael Cain Elsworth Landed
01/10/11Ava Anthony Stirk Elsworth Splash Down Recovered 1 day later
01/10/11XABEN 18 Rocketboy Elsworth Landed
11/10/11XABEN 19 Rocketboy Elsworth Landed
23/10/11Apex Alpha Apex Team - Sutton Grammar School Churchill Went into float and left tracking network range 23:41, final destination unknown
10/05/11ATLAS3 jcoxon Launch Dumped in North Sea
03/12/11hadie:4 fsphil Launch Dumped in North Sea Predicted landing site
03/12/11BUZZ2 daveake Launch Landed, recovered following day
04/02/12HABE2 Adam Cudworth Launch Landed
04/02/12CLOUD3 daveake Launch Splashdown, floated back to shore
11/03/12OZZIE1 navrac Launch Happily floating along. Lost contact/batteries died?
28/03/12Nova 21 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed
28/03/12Nova 22 CU Spaceflight Launch Landed

Total Flights = 93

Contact: f6agv AT

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