mercredi 30 septembre 2015


Hi all,

I'll be launching this Saturday ( 3/10/15 ) at around midday ish,, all depends what the weather does.. launching for Elsworth,,

freq   434.325
shift  425.00 ( more like 440.00 )
baud   50
bit    8
parity none
stop   2

Trackers welcome...

Many thanks

Mick ( MONDO )


We're hoping to launch our balloon Saturday 3rd in the Netherlands, around 12:00 CET.

The Payload ID is NLDPH01 and we're on 434.650MHz, using a shift of 460Hz, 50 baud, 7 bit no parity and 2 stop bits.

The payload contains a Raspberry Pi A+ and Pi Camera, controlled by a home-brew Linux daemon, so lets hope it all works well.

Saturday will be a busy day, but listeners/trackers are much appreciated :-)


Team NLDPH01 (aka de knutselaars)

Source directe  :  UKHAS
From  :  f6agv (@)

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