samedi 26 septembre 2015

ANNONCE BALLONS UK pour le dimanche 27 septembre 2015


Hope to launch about 12 tomorrow from Elsworth.  Should be on IRC etc to keep people updated.

In addition i will try broadcasting on periscope but depends on signal and time.

Details for flight (subject to change)

RTTY - 434.250 50 baud 7n2 telemetry
LoRa - 434.350 Mode = 0 Explicit mode, Error coding 4:8, Bandwidth 20.8kHz, SF 11 telemetry

No SSDV this time.

Payload is made up of a Sony RX100 and Gopro Hero 4 Black. In addition to a PITS i'm testing a small GSM module like a sim800.

Big thanks again to Steve for use of Elsworth.

Chris aka chimpusmaximus
Source directe :    UKHAS
From :   f6agv (@)

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