dimanche 6 septembre 2015

ANNONCE BALLON USA le lundi 7 septembre 2015

The LSU HASP (High Altitude Student Platform) project expects to make a launch attempt in the early morning on Monday Sept 7 around 7:30 AM MDT.
 See  for details.
 This is a pretty big payload platform, using a 12 million cubic foot zero pressure balloon lifting about 2000 pounds to an altitude of about 125,000 ft.
 Jack (W7JLC) and Bryan (W7BNW) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University have installed a cross-band repeater along with the assortment of science payloads.
    Uplink: 145.560 MHZ, 162.2 tone access
    Downlink: 445.525 MHz
    When crossband is not active, APRS on 445.925 MHz
 Launch is from Ft. Sumner NM, and the balloon will drift generally westward.
 When it reaches its float alitude of 125,000 ft the radio footprint will be almost 1000 miles in diameter, reaching roughly from Dallas and San Antonio to Phoenix and up past Denver to Ft. Collins, and down to Chihuahua in Mexico.
 The flight duration is expected to be 15 to 20 hours.
 They invite hams to try it out. If you do and want to report back to me I'll collect reports to forward to them.
 Have fun, 73
 Jim, N5IB

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