mardi 29 septembre 2015


I'm hoping to launch 3 balloons this coming Saturday, all using LoRa and on the same frequency (they will take turns to transmit, using GPS to synchronise).  So, anyone with a LoRa receiver within range will be able to pick up all 3 balloons.

Additionally, each balloon will repeat any sentences that it receives from the other two.  So during the cycle time of 20 seconds there could be up 9 transmissions - 3 direct ones, and 6 repeated ones.

Payload IDs will be LORA1, LORA2 and LORA3.  All on 434.450MHz.  Users of my Pi gateway code should set "mode=2" in gateway.txt.  This mode uses a larger bandwidth than usual so AFC is probably not needed and is best turned off.



The Pegasus Mission will launch Pegasus II from Cheyenne, WY on Oct 5, 2015, using experimental technology to deliver a live near space experience.

-Live video
-Live telemetry
-Live updating maps of craft, chase vehicle, launch site
-User messages sent to inflight craft from mobile apps
-Craft can send text messages during flight for launch notification.
-Remote Intelligence to manage flight operations, video rotation, cut-down, and low altitude parachute deployment

Web Site:
Sign up for SMS Flight notifications and craft will text your phone when we launch.

Web Site will display live video, telemetry, maps.
Mobile apps will be available. Search your app store for "Pegasus Mission".

Flight Name: Pegasus II
Location: Cheyenne, WY 41.122910,-104.895172
Balloon: Kaymont 2000gm
Target Altitude: 100,000 ft
Call Sign: KD9CVO-2
Web site:
Twitter: @PegasusMission


Tomorrow's BENNY_1 launch from Marsh Green Primary School in Wigan has been cancelled. Unfortunately a southerly flight path is predicted that would take the payload directly through the high air traffic routes of Liverpool and Manchester.

Our intention is to launch sometime in October once we are confident of a northerly flight path.

Source directe : UKHAS
From :    f6agv (@)

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