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ANNONCES BALLONS du WEEK END les 26, 27 et 28 juin 2015 (suite)


Sunday 28th June 2015

M0NRD/South Kesteven ARS are planning on launch of balloon(s) from the 10th World Egg Throwing Championship held at the Swaton Vintage Day at Swaton, near Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

First ever flights for me, so in at the deep end. Two flights are planned an altitude burst with ‘egg’ payload and parachute decent, with SSDV and backup tracker, kindly sponsored by MADHEN

Callsign - MADHEN
USB RTTY 300 Baud 880Hz Shift – Ascii 8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits
Telemetry and SSDV – Frequency adjustable, final frequency will be posted nearer launch, dependant on other flights.

Callsign - EGG1
Backup tracker
USB RTTY 50 Baud 380Hz Shift – ASCII 7 bit, no parity, 2 stop bits
Telemetry – 434.650MHz (old non-tcxo NTX fixed frequency)

Second flight planned, a foil floater with VAYU-NTX tracker kindly donated by Steve Smith G0TDJ

Callsign - EGGDX
USB RTTY 50 Baud 450Hz Shift – ASCII 7 bit, no parity, 2 stop bits
434.450MHz (fixed frequency)

EGGDX – will be hopefully around 11am

MADHEN/EGG1 – will be hopefully around 12pm

All help in tracking greatly appreciated

Andrew Garratt
Chairman South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society
twitter @eggsplorer1

Hi everyone,

I will be performing my first ever launch on Sunday 28th June from a
village near Oxford.  Weather and permission pending, the launch will
happen around 9am.  I would greatly appreciate any help in tracking the
balloon.  Full details below:

*Main Payload*
Callsign: INFCU1
Freq: 434.200 Mhz
Mode: RTTY, 50 baud, 425Hz shift, 7 bit ASCII no parity, 2 stop bits

*Backup Payload* (thanks Upu!)
Callsign: AVA
Freq: 434.485 Mhz
Mode: RTTY, 50 baud, 400Hz shift, 7 bit ASCII no parity, 2 stop bits


Hi Folks

to announce a flight tomorrow from Kingsfleet High School (Ipswich) out of Elsworth Cambridgeshire.

The flight is an attempt at the Guinness Book of Records highest paper plane flight.

The flight should ascend to 35Km - where the paper plane should be released - the main payload should continue on up until balloon burst.


KHS / 434.150MHz 600Hz shift 50baud7N1 - the main payload

uX0 / 434.350MHz 425Hz shift 50baud7N1 - backup tracker attached to the main payload

uX3 / 434.250Mhz 425Hz shift 50baud7N1 - the paper plane

All trackers will be on throughout the flight(s).

All the necessary GBR and CAA paperwork has been obtained  - including the extra CAA permit required to allow the drop of the paper plane and will hence (as far as I’m aware) be the first legal drop of a paper plane from a HAB in UK airspace.

The launch should be live streamed by KHS - details later.

I forgot the most important thing :- listeners would be appreciated - the paper plane has minimal insulation around the transmitter so will probably be a challenge to track.


Currently aiming to launch about 11:00am BST (10:00 GMT).

MAJ-1 :


We're planning a launch tomorrow (Wednesday 24th) from Churchill College in Cambridge at 10am.

There is one Payload, with a Pi in the Sky Board for Tx.
Callsign: IMPIBM
Freq: 434.600 Mhz
Mode: RTTY, 300 baud, 600Hz shift, 8 bit ASCII, no parity, 2 stop bits

Thanks for the help on IRC!


MAJ-2  :

Two Launch Announcements - 27th and 28th June - Farchynys Wales

Team: Horizon
Mission: Sun Chaser
Probes: Sun Chaser 1 and Sun Chaser 2
Callsign: SUNCH1

We're attempting to capture footage of the sunrise from the Stratosphere over Wales/West England:

We've got a little mission trailer:

All being well, we have planned two launches from:

Location: Farchynys Coach House, Nr Bontddu, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, LL42 1TN
Latitude: 52.743114
Longitude: -3.988897
Altitude: 100m

The first launch will be Sun Chaser 1 at 2:30am on Saturday 27th June
The second launch will be Sun Chaser 2 at 2:30am (or later if Sun Chaser 1 capture the footage we want) on Sunday 28th June

The chase team will track and chase throughout the flight.

The probe will have a radio tracker (with two smartphone trackers as backup connected to two different networks - we might land in Wales). We've also got a couple of 16MP cameras and a GoPro onboard.

Tracker information:

Tracker: SUNCH1
Frequency: 434.448
Carrier Shift: 280-290
Baud Rate: 50
Bits per character: 7 (ASCII)
Parity: 0
Stop Bits: 2

We'll probably be the only ones tracking (unless any of you are night owls) so we'll do our best but it is Wales. Our internet connection will be patchy (we've got two hotspots with us: EE and O2). Most likley scenario is good tracking on launch, followed by nothing as we drive through the Welsh valleys without internet access, followed by a sudden flurry of information when we make contact again as we head East past Welshpool.

We'll be posting a steady stream of updates to twitter:

If we get the footage we want on Saturday then we may have a lie in and launch mid-morning on Sunday (we'll post an update here on Saturday).

Wish us luck!

See more informations and all flights this week on your own PC,  look at   :

Source directe :   UKHAS
From :   f6agv (at)

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