jeudi 27 août 2015

ANNONCES BALLONS du WEEK END au 27 août 2015

Hello all,
Just a launch announcement for Project Hermes on Saturday 29 August at around 10:00AM UK time although please note that this could easily vary by an hour (later as opposed to earlier).

We have a dedicated tracking page that will be online Friday with embedded HABHUB, backup SPOT tracker link and live twitter updates:

Launch will be from Chisbury in Wiltshire, listeners greatly appreciated across the country and in particular at low altitude near Cambridge where the balloon is predicted to land, thank you!

434.485MHz USB RTTY 50 baud 500Hz shift ASCII-7 no parity 2 stop bits

Hope to be on IRC during the morning.


Dear HABers

We try to launch our first balloon and hope for some trackers (Friday
morning isn't a good time to get many trackers though).

Date: 28. August 2015
Time: around 10:00 (CEST) in the morning (8:00 UTC)
Location: Langenthal (Switzerland), 47.218115, 7.771573, 480m above SL
Sign: SPL1
Modulation: RTTY
SSDV: Yes, 1 RTTY frame, 2 SSDV frames
Frequency: 434.425 (As configured in PITS, but the carrier appears at
434.394 on SDR# though...)
Carrier Shift: 880
Baud Rate: 150
Bits per character: 8
Parity: N
Stop Bits: 2
Flight Doc: a42e1f4d3b636b4ff091dfddf00b5738

Additional equipment on board:
- GoPro
- GSM/GPS Tracker as a backup
- Datalogger
- Release mechanism for releasing the payload from the balloon controlled
by the Raspberry. It can release the payload when certain condition are
met, like max. distance from launch site, max. altitude, max time elapsed
from launch time.

Thanks folks!

Bruno Berger
Swiss Propulsion Laboratory
E-Mail: (HTML-Mails will be dropped!)


If my long duration balloon survived the trip across the Atlantic, it may be over France today during daylight hours. 433.92 MHz AM modulated with DominoEX16 mode nearly continous.

- Bill WB8ELK

Source directe  :  UKHAS
From  :   f6agv (AT)

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