vendredi 21 août 2015

ANNONCES BALLONS au 21 août 2015

As part of their "Skycademy" HAB course, The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be launching 4 or 5 flights this coming Tuesday starting at 11am ISH.

Launch site is either Churchill or Elsworth depending on predictions and availability.  Flight path is NE into Norfolk (but hopefully not beyond).

Each of the 4 student flights will be dual RTTY and LoRa; the extra (demo) flight is RTTY only.  All will include SSDV.

All the RTTY transmitters are 300 baud, 600Hz shift, 8 N 2.  IDs/Frequencies are:

RPF-A1 434.100
RPF-S1 434.125
RPF-N1 434.150
RPF-C1 434.175

All the LoRa transmitters are my "mode 1" (Implicit/EC 4:5/BW 20.8kHz/ SF6).  Payload IDs/frequencies are:

RPF-A2 434.250
RPF-S2 434.300
RPF-N2 434.350
RPF-C2 434.400

Should keep y'all busy :-)

I'll run batc streaming from the launch site:



Start: 21.08.2015 22:00 (GMT)
Position: Poland (53.185315/16.752812
Emision: RTTY(144.700 shift 450Hz 100bd 7n2) + APRS(SP3OSJ-12) + CW (50 characters per minute)
Balloon: diameter 90cm
Balloon-powered hybrid (Lipoly and solar)
Charge weight: 13g
Type: long flight

Artur SP3OSJ

Source directe :  UKHAS
From : f6agv (AT)

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