jeudi 14 avril 2016

SPACE BIOHACK EVENT on May 13th to 14th UK

This is an event based on the balloon/rocket payload I flew in 2010. There is quite a serious-minded hackathon involved, so maybe some of you would like to come? UKHAS members can pay the discretionary rate! (there will a fair amount of kit and reagents provided).

Hands on space biohack event‎
Date: May 13th/14th
Time: ‎May 13 5pm, then all day May 14th until 7pm
Location: Birmingham Open Media (BOM) centre, adjacent to Birmingham New Street station
Price: £25 for UHHAS members

BOM is delighted to present the first Space Biohack, bringing together scientists, artists and enthusiasts with members of the High Altitude Bioprospecting team and astrobiologists from NASA.

This event creatively explores how research with astrobiology is contributing to novel biotechnologies and addressing preconceptions in the history of space exploration.

Work with the High Altitude Bioprospecting science-art team to plan the next phase of the HAB’s mission. Take part in hands-on making with 3D printers, robotics, rocket science and DNA analysis and learn how to sample for bacteria and other living organisms in extreme environments. ‎This will be a serious effort to build a working astrobiology payload and we are trying to attract as many specialist attendees as possible - this means UKHAS - as well as a wider mix of enthusiasts.

Witness a live ‘robot autopsy’ by internationally acclaimed performance artist Kira O’Reilly and the HAB team, and hear from a distinguished panel of experts in astrobiology, including Dr. Lynn Rothschild, an evolutionary biologist from NASA Ames Research Center, and Space Gynecologist Dr. Varsha Jain whose research examines menstrual suppression and the risks of blood clots in space.

This is an essential event for anyone interested in working creatively with curiosity-driven science, and those wanting to contribute to the future development of the High Altitude Bioprospecting project.

Suitable for adults and over 14s.

Tickets must be booked in advance. To secure a place and for more details please visit:

(Please note, Lynn Rothschild's presentation may be rescheduled and occur by Skype)‎

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