vendredi 1 avril 2016

Pi tracker using LoRa on 434.500MHz le 7 avril 2016 à 11h.

Early notice for a flight I'm hoping to do next Thursday.

It has a single Pi tracker using LoRa on 434.500MHz, and my "mode 1" (Implicit/EC 4:5/BW 20.8kHz/ SF6), sending telemetry and SSDV.  Payload ID is "ASTROPI".  There will be no RTTY this time.

As well as PITS and LoRa boards, the Pi has a "Sense HAT" as used by Tim Peake on the ISS.  Values from the sensors on that board will be logged locally and included in the telemetry transmissions.

The signal will stop every 30 seconds for a 5-second uplink slot.  By no coincidence whatsoever, the flight date is Tim Peake's birthday and I will be inviting people to tweet suitable messages which will be relayed to the payload via the LoRa uplink.  Messages will then scroll on the Sense HAT LED matrix and recorded on a video camera.  in the absence of tweeted messages, the matrix will display the altitude and temperature.

I'll post the twitter hashtag shortly before the flight.

Source Ditecte : UKHAS
From : Alan F6AGV

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