mardi 26 avril 2016


On Wednesday, 27th of April 2016, students of Kanepi Gümnaasium in cooperation with Physics Institute of Tartu University are launching a high-altitude balloon.

Start is planned at 14:00 local time (11.00 UTC) and launch site is at Kanepi Gymnasium (address Kooli 1, Kanepi, latitude 57.986821 N, longitude 26.760103 E, WWL KO37JX16IV.

Preliminary weather forecast (evening of 25.04) predicts that the flight is heading north, flying over towns Tartu and Jõgeva, and payload is expected to land north of Jõgeva. How it really turns out - that will be seen in Wednesday!

Balloon name: IP2
Flight name: Ilmapall-2 Flight (Not confirmed)
Payload name: Ilmapall2016-2 (From the testing it seems that the carrier shift is not 425 as should be the default but ca 385Hz)

Frequency: 434.068 MHz (can be drift a little-bit)

Payload is sending signal in RTTY mode, using baudrate 50 baud, carrier shift is ca 385 Hz (that may change a little-bit), 7 bits per symbol, no parity, 2 stop bits.

On-board computer in the payload is an Arduino UNO, it's shield PCB was manufactured by company Brandner PCB (

Advice for students was given also by the staff of Tartu Observatory at Tõravere, Estonia.

As this is UK list for launches, we are still hoping that some may read it in Estonia, who can listen to the balloon.

The team of Ilmapall-2

Source directe : UKHAS
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