dimanche 1 février 2015

BALLON UK EDUPIC12 en vol vers la France au 2 février 2015

Comment le suivre :!mt=roadmap&mz=5&qm=1_day&mc=47.20219,-1.77855&f=EDUPIC12

Config :

EDUPIC12 434.075MHz
USB RTTY 100 baud
380Hz shift
ASCII-8 no parity 2 stop bits

MAJ-1  :
EDUPIC12 is travelling south from the UK down the west coast of france then
East close to Barcelona which it should reach this evening

Any trackers would be appreciated


 The frequency is  RTTY, 434.075, 390 shift, 8N2 transmission - 2 strings
every 2 mins

Source tracker
from : f6agv (AT)

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