samedi 22 novembre 2014

ANNONCE BALLON NL PWSwag dimanche 23 novembre 2014


We, Pieter van den Ham, Michel Takken and Chris Mostert, are planning to
launch a HAB this sunday, 1PM (Timezone:Europe/Amsterdam) from near
IJmuiden, Noord-Holland, Netherlands as a school science project.
We will be following our payload with our own chase car, but any help with
tracking the payload would be much appreciated!

Our payload and radio information is as follows (The flight and payload
configuration has also been issued via habhub, so it should show up in
fl-digi as well):

Payload configuration:

Payload name: PWSwag
Description: First-time school project HAB project, with sensors and a
Canon Powershot and Keychain on board.
Radio and telemetry configuration: 434.1MHz USB RTTY 50 baud 425Hz shift
ASCII-7 no parity 1 stop bit
Parser configuration:

Thank you very much in advance.

Source directe :   UKHAS
from : f6agv (@)

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