lundi 12 octobre 2015

ANNONCES BALLONS UK vendrei 16 et tracksoar + ubloxMAX8Q

Hi All,

We're off to Greece to fly balloons! Planning to fly two balloons on Friday around 10am Greek ISH time from Corinth.


- Balloon 1 - $$HABE on 434.200, 7n1, 425 shift
- Balloon 2 - $$HABE on 434.650, 8n1, 850 shift

Anyone in Greece or surrounding areas - trackers (via DL-FLDIGI) greatly appreciated. More the merrier! Reach me on IRC (cuddykid) on the day.

Hopefully we'll avoid the many mountains and land on land..

A big thanks to team AEOLUS for their help with organising.



Hi everyone, thought you lot may be interested in my latest project, its an open source pico APRS transmitter. It can also be setup for 434mhz and digital modes. You can see more at or back our kickstarter at

Dear ballooning colleagues,

one question concerning the position output of ublox-GPSs:
I have a ublox MAX-8Q device, and I know how to disable all NMEA-messages and then poll PUBX,00-messages. I also know how to disable all NMEA-messages except for GGA and then simply read the GPS output. However, for the design of our payload system, I would prefer to disable all NMEA-messages and set an automated PUBX,00-output without the necessity to poll the message. However I can't find any useful advice how this can be done. Could anybody help?

Thanks in advance...

Source directe  :   UKHAS
From  :   f6agv (@)

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