mercredi 30 mars 2016

launch between 12/04/16 and 20/04/16 from Westcott, Buckinghamshire


As you probably know, Tim Peake is running the London Marathon in space. You might not know that Fuller’s brewery is providing a pint of London Pride for every runner at the end of the race. But how are they going to get one to Tim? We’ve teamed up with Fuller’s to try and get it as close to Tim as we can using a HAB. Unfortunately our balloon won’t carry a pint all the way to the ISS, but it’s the thought that counts :). We’ve called this flight ‘Princibeer’ (see link below). As well as the Habduino, 2 GoPros and a data logger, the payload will contain a whole pint of London Pride in an evacuated pouch (surrounded by several layers of waterproofing).
We are aiming to launch between 12/04/16 and 20/04/16 from Westcott, Buckinghamshire.

Standard 5/30000/5 flight with an 800g Hwoyee and payload mass of about 1700g. This batch of Hwoyees seems to be extra stretchy. Our previous 3 flights have burst 3-4km higher than anticipated and landed in less than ideal locations (*cough* Lakenheath *cough*). So we’ll test out a few scenarios on the predictor nearer the time and pick a good day.
Habduino will be transmitting on 434.5MHz. Any help with tracking would be much appreciated!
434.5MHz USB RTTY 50 baud 480Hz shift ASCII-7 no parity 2 stop bits
More info nearer the time!

Many thanks,
Source directe :  UKHAS
From :  Alan F6AGV

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