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Hi All,

Hopefully to give you all plenty of warning, we'll be assisting 23
schools to launch simultaneously on 12th May. All launches will be from
RAF Cosford and will be using PISKY with frequencies ranging from 434.04
to 434.79 (We'll be testing systems tomorrow but assuming they work
together these will be the frequencies). I'll of course keep everyone
updated as this progresses and I hope it doesn't put anyone out.

Best regards
Alex (BARC)


If you are launching several flights at once. Won't they all go the same way? Unless they have different rates of climb that is.  Should look spectacular if you do launch several at once.

As Santa Pod is around 4 miles from me.  I'm looking at the site for launches.   You don't need to enter the site, as the peri road still runs around it.  And a group of model aircraft flyers fly from a spot around 1/2 mile from the strip.  This could also be the area where I'd launch from. 

Anyone want to come over one Saturday or Sunday, next month to look at the location?  If so let me know.  Maybe a small balloon/pico launch could be made, as it would be easy to do.  And you don't need C.A.A. clearance for them.



I'm a A level student who is planning on building a weather balloon as part of my Extended Project Qualification. I plan on sending a balloon up to take measurements of temperature, pressure and humidity using a arduino board with sensors. Me and my ICT teacher are going to figure out a way to track it using the arduino board. Being a student I have a very small budget and I plan on emailing companies to ask for funding. Do you know of any companies or organisations who would be willing to help or lend me equipment and advice?

Any advice, contacts or general information be would be highly appreciated.


Hi Folks,

I’m intending to launch a balloon this Friday(probably) or Saturday - depending on wind and weather.  The flight will be a test of an RN2483 based LoRa tracker. 

The tracker puts out LoRa and RTTY strings:






LowDataRateOptimize Enabled;



490Hz shift




Callsign: X0

There will be a backup tracker on 434.300MHz (50baud, 600Hz shift, 7N2) callsign: XABEN0.

Listeners would be very much appreciated.

Launch time details closer to the launch.

Steve G8KHW
Hi Steve,

where did you buy the RN2484 modules from? I saw them at Mouser, but no stock available.

Best regards,


Yeah - likewise at Farnell etc. - pretty sold out across Europe as far as I can tell - lots of interest in the IoT world I think.  I tried to get some more recently without any luck - but a very kind HABer had a couple that he let me have. 

As standard they are bit restrictive (only Lora Bandwidth values 125, 250 & 500KHz are supported). They need re-programming to be useful IMO.  The flight tomorrow will give some pointers to frequency stability etc.  If that works out I’m planning on doing a PCB.

Here is a pic of whats flying tomorrow:

Looks cool! Apparently, you are using the embedded micro of the module to read the ublox via i2c and build the telegram? - Good luck for your flight!


As standard they are bit restrictive (only Lora Bandwidth values 125, 250 & 500KHz are supported). They need re-programming to be useful IMO. 

Well, the modules intended purpose is LoRaWAN so you can understand why the bandwidth is high. Devices will be pretty much guaranteed to be within frequency capture range without requiring close tolerance crystals.

Anyway good luck, if it goes well I might even be tempted to do some Great Cow Basic routines for the device.


Hi all,

This is to announce the launch of a high altitude balloon called AGENA 2. It will be launched from the south of the Netherlands.

Location: Heerlen, Netherlands.
Time: 26/03/2016 - 10:00Z / 11:00CET

Receiving info:
RTTY at 434.325 MHz, 150 Baud, 450 Hz shift, 8 ASCII, no parity, 1 stop bit.

Types of transmission:
Telemetry string every ~35 seconds, SSDV image (600 BAUD) every ~ 10 minutes.

Any changes to the plan will be posted here.

Happy HAB'ing :)


Postponing todays launch. More details later.

18th mar   



Now expecting to launch tomorrow: 19th mar



This is basically a repeat of last month's 868MHz LoRa flight, with some tweaks to the tracker code.

There'll be LORA 868 and RTTY 434 to listen to.  Images on LORA only.

The expected flight path doesn't it far from here so I'm expecting good coverage on my 868 and 434 till it gets fairly low.

More details next week.


Source directe :UKHAS
From : f6agv (@)

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