vendredi 23 octobre 2015

ANNONCE BALLON UK Pico LoRa tracker on Sunday 25th October

I am planning to launch TENPARTS1, a Pico LoRa tracker on Sunday 25th October at around 10:00 near Cardiff.

Predictions currently suggest the Pico float Westbound in the direction of London.

Transmit frequency will be 434.400Mhz.

There will be LoRa transmissions of the tracker payload and FSK RTTY.

LoRa 1562bps
Explicit Mode on, Bandwidth 62.5Khz, Spreading Factor 8, Coding Rate 4:5, Low Data rate Optimisation Off.

FLDIGI Settings; 100baud, Frequency shift 366Hz, 7bit, No parity, 2 stop bits

More details to follow.

Stuart Robinson
Source directe : UKHAS
From : f6agv (@)

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