jeudi 3 décembre 2015

LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT ROSS ON WYE Friday 4th december 2015

I'm hoping to put up a LoRa-only flight tomorrow morning.  Payload is "ASTROPI", on 434.450MHz.  If you're using my LoRa gateway then set Mode 1; otherwise you will need to set implicit mode, EC 4:5, B/W 20.8kHz, SF 6, Low-rate opt off.

Flight path is ENE from Ross, landing somewhere north of Colchester.  If there are any LoRa-equipped listeners in the Colchester-Cambridge area could you let me know where you are please; I will probably not arrive till some time after landing so I could do with a fairly accurate landing position.

The payload has a 20-second transmit cycle with approx 15 second Tx and 5 Rx for an uplink.  You don't need to do anything in the gateway to allow for this - it will just work anyway.  I will be running a modified gateway which will (sometimes) uplink a message during that gap, and the success of this will be indicated by "message count" and "last message" fields in the telemetry.

The payload will transmit SSDV as well as telemetry.

Launch window is 9am-1pm; I'll decide tomorrow what time to launch.

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