jeudi 6 octobre 2016

AVA launch on october 7th 2016 9Z (11h) Northern France

Hello all,

If condition will be rather good, we hope to launch a balloon 1200 g with one kilo
payload on Friday 7th october. Start 9Z or 11h00 french local time.
Landing 13h30 - 14h00.

1- RS M10 434.250 MHz FM Sondemonitor decoding option M2K2 no rinex.

2- AVA from UPU made 434.485 USB FL-DIGI decoding
RTTY 50 bauds ascii
7 N 2
Shift : 420 Hz

3- two GPS in test HidnSeek on board. See Tweeter.

Please all stations will be very appreciated, to help us with

Maximum altitude about 35000 m, more ?

Regards, thanks for coming on 434 MHz friday, with our new balloon,  

Alan F6AGV Northern France

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