mardi 7 juin 2016

HABDUINO V4 : des liens


After I got a PITS board on the Habitat map I am now try to get my HABduino on the map...
something I was never able to do. If there are any HABduino owners out there then can
 I ask if the settings for the HABduino on Dlfldigi (found under DL client: All payload testing) are correct.
Under the settings I cannot seem to get the set of two red bars over the red lines of the waterfall.
 Is the shift slightly out on the settings?

The settings are
custom shift 500
baud rate 50
8 (ascii) bits per character
none parity
2 stop bits
receive 68
auto crlf after 72 characters
RX  TX ticked
Many Thanks M6LZY!topic/ukhas/I9O5iBiiDYY!topic/ukhas/TCwFiMy2OPU

From : Alan F6AGV -  BHAF -

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