vendredi 10 juin 2016

BALLON BARNABY LAUNCH le 10 juin 2016 depuis Welshpool

Hi all

While I'm still functioning (its been a long and exciting day!) - I just thought i'd take a moment to pop on and say a big thank you to everyone who tracked the Barnaby Launch from Welshpool today - we were even picked up in Holland (PE2BZ, I believe, and DutchBillMT?)

This was far from our first launch, but this was the first one with the Habduino on it, and so a lot was riding on it! - Thats why I went overboard and got it on the RSGB news, and southgate etc.. paid off in droves, we got all the data we wanted, we got near real-time positioning, all in all it worked better than we imagined - I think its fair to say we'll be using it again!

I monitored from setup for about 90 minutes from the launch site, I was using an 817 with just a cheap 2/70 mini whip..and tbh, I got a useable signal the entire time, I couldnt upload all the time, as the phone signal wasn't brilliant!

And while were up there, we also stuck a copy of Oxygene to the craft...If you weren't aware, Oxygene is 40 this year, and JMJ is planning to produce a book, and wants pictures and artwork - so I took the opportunity, and it seems to have paid off pretty well!


Source directe : UKHAS
From : Alan F6AGV -BHAF-

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