mardi 14 juin 2016

ANNONCE BALLON UK PICO F-2 le 15 juin 2016 from CANEWDON

Hi all,

I plan to try a launch tomorrow early evening ish between 17.00 / 19.00 .. Wednesday 15th.. Its a pico set up which is only battery powered but should last at least 48 hours. The transmitter will shut down after a short transmission which will be three times per hour, it should transmit dead on the hour and then 20 minutes past then 20 minutes too, there are no pips or tones between these transmissions but there maybe a short single tone of 15 seconds before it transmits 4 lines of data. If anyone does track and they have a time sync on their computer it would be nice to know how accurate the transmissions are..

launch is from Canewdon Essex

Call Sign : F-2
frequency : 434.070
Baud : 50
shift : 450 ish
bits : 8
Stop : 2

Many thanks

Source directe : UKHAS
From : Alan F6AGV - BHAF -

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