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Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat Celebrates University Anniversary

The Russian Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat is different from other CubeSats : it has a handle!

The 3U CubeSat was launched from Baikonur to the ISS on March 31, 2016 in a Progress-MS-2 cargo vessel. It will be deployed by hand during a future Russian spacewalk (EVA), which is why it has a handle.

The satellite was developed by students at the Tomsk Polytechnic University to test new space materials technology and will be the world’s first space vehicle with a 3D-printed structure.

In May 2016 Tomsk Polytechnic University celebrates its 120th anniversary. As part of the celebrations on May 10-11 Tomsk-TPU-120 will be activated in the ISS and will transmit a greeting to Earth inhabitants, recorded by students of the university in 10 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Tatar, Indian, Kazakh and Portuguese.

The greeting signal will be transmitted once a minute on 437.025 MHz FM.

One of the Kenwood transceivers on the ISS will provide a simulcast of the signal on 145.800 MHz FM.

The Tomsk satellite onboard ISS will be turned on May 10 at 07:55 UTC and switched off on May 11 at 10:10 UTC.

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Gaston Bertels – ON4WF
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