mercredi 25 mai 2016

ANNONCE BALLON UK PI434 & PI868 le 26 mai 2016

This is a second test of a prototype PITS board, with basically the same code and configuration as my last flight.  1600g Hwoyee again so should get up high.

ANNONCE BALLON UK ROSS ON WYE  le 26 mai 2016 à 13 h 00

There'll be LORA 868 and RTTY 434 to listen to.  Images on LORA only, with telemetry overlay.  The camera is the Raspberry Pi Sony camera rather than the older Omnivision.

Payload details:

Payload ID PI434, RTTY, 434.250MHz, 850Hz shift, 300 baud, 8 N 2, telemetry only.

Payload ID PI868, LoRa, 869.850MHz, "Mode 3" in my gateway (250kHz bandwidth, SF7, EC4:6, Explicit header), SSDV and telemetry.

If you have a LoRa 868 gateway please do help with tracking.  The flight path is NW of here (Ross On Wye) but it's not travelling far.  I've updated the LoRa gateway with a slightly clearer status screen, but the old version works fine.  I will be testing a newer version here, using Phil's new API to upload multiple packets at once to the SSDV server, and I'll make that available if anyone else wants to try it.

Both RTTY and LoRa signals will stop for a few seconds each minute, during which time one of my gateways will be sending a message up to the tracker to request a re-send of missing SSDV packets.  So if you watch the SSDV page then you should see missing packets getting filled in later.

Source directe :   UKHAS
From : Alain F6AGV -   BHAF  -

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