dimanche 14 février 2016

Pi in the sky

With the improvement of the weather, the number of launch announcements in 2016 seems to be quickly on the increase. Looking at the launch announcements I see more and more reference to LORA. But I’m still not sure what, in simple terms, LORA is and how it is different from RTTY. Also, what is a LORA gateway? Is this someone who listens to the LORA radio signals? What is Flexitrack?

If LORA is different from RTTY then what does this mean for HAB operators who have bought radio tracking systems like Pi in the SKY or HABduino? Can they be updated? Will they become obsolete and more and more people listen to LORA? Are we looking at the beginning of the end for these devices much in the same way as Beta Max got superseded by VHS or are the platforms like PITS future proof? That’s for any information anyone can offer.

Source directe : UKHAS
From :   f6agv (@) free.fr