jeudi 25 février 2016

ARISS contact planned for school in Leverkusen Germany

ARISS contact planned for school in Leverkusen, Germany

Monday 29 February 2016, at approximately 12:06 UTC, an ARISS contact is planned for Gesamtschule Leverkusen Schlebusch, Leverkusen, Germany.  The direct contact will be operated by DLØIL.

Signals from space will be audible over Europe on 145.800MHz narrowband FM.

School presentation:


We at Gesamtschule Leverkusen Schlebusch (GLS) promote the development of students to individuals who approach their environment in a curious and responsible way, act functional competent and behave with respect towards others.
We value individual, social and cultural multiplicity as a starting point of collective learning processes.
We help disadvantaged/social deprived children and adolescents to overcome their personal, social or cultural barriers of learning so that all can develop their skills regardless of their origin.
Our shared values, which build the foundation of the school's social life and all educational and curricular activity, are summarized in the preamble (see above).

Teaching and educational priorities

The aims of teaching and education are the willingness and ability to lifelong learning and the strengthening of confidence in the forces of a self-responsible creation of life. This does not only include the exchange of knowledge and the acquisition of skills for the target-oriented practice of learning methods, of teamwork and control of the students’ actions and their own work processes. In our school, teaching and education form an entity.

At the GLS, the lessons are given as specialized teaching and as subject connecting, or rather integral learning area lessons. Further differentiations of the lessons organisation result in educational, with regard to contents and safety aspects. All school career decisions are prepared intensively by counselling of students and parents.

For school year 2012/2013 an integrative learning group ( IGL ), beginning in the fifth year , has been introduced at GLS. In this class students with different needs of advancement are taught. In school year 2013/2014 another IGL, beginning in the fifth year, will be established. In both study groups will be two teachers, working as a team. One of them will be a special trained teacher for students that need particular advancement. Both IGL receive the, from class 5 granted, personal resources to the end of class 10.

Students will ask as many of the following questions as time allows.

1. Jasmina (13): What does ISS stands for?
2. Melina (13): How do you pee in space?
3. Sakina (17): For how long to you stay in space?
4. Ralf (14): How can you sleep without gravity?
5. Aswina (18): What is your mission?
6. Emelie (15): How big is the ISS?
7. Lorena:  Is the food edible?
8. Jonas (19): What do you do to prepare yourself?
9. Hannah (14): Is being astronaut your childhood dream?
10. Veronika (19): What´s most beautiful about being in space?
11. Philipp (18): What´s the (your) first impression in ISS?
12. Christian (17): What are you thinking of, the moment you are flying into space?
13. Mark (17): What have you always been eager to do in space?
14. Nils (17): Can practicing under water be compared to being in space?
15. Patricia (17): How does fire react in weightlessness (zero gravity)?
16 Fabian (17): How do you protect from rays in space?
17. Christian (17): What kind of feeling is it to be back to earth?
18. Annika (16): What´s it like to be far away from your family for such a long time?
19 Jaqueline (18): How does it feel to work together with the same people all the time?
20. Tim (16): What´s it like for you to look down to earth?

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking directly with crew members onboard the International Space Station. Teachers, parents and communities see, first hand, how Amateur Radio and crew members on ISS can energize youngsters' interest in science, technology and learning.


Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS mentor
Source directe :  ARISS - ON4WF
From :  Alan F6AGV