dimanche 14 février 2016

ANNONCE BALLON DL0CRE-11 le SAMEDI 20 février 2016


we are planning for a launch of a balloon to go up next Saturday Feb
20th. Launch time is currently planned for 9:00 MEZ (8:00 UTC). Launch
location will be in the north of Rhine-Ruhr Area.

The payload will consist of a PitS Board with APRS TX on top. The
configuration is:

2m TX:
    QRG: 144,800 MHz
    Callsign: DLØCRE-11
    Mode: FM resp. 1k2 AFSK

    QRG: 434,250 MHz
    Rufzeichen: DLØCRE-11
    Mode: USB, RTTY 300 baud 600 Hz Shift

As this is our first flight as a project of our local radio club we
are looking forward to trackers and supporters :)

Our project page is at http://ballon.n18.de - apparently in German
only. ;)

   vy73 de Florian DF2ET
Source directe :   UKHAS 
From :  f6agv (@) free.fr