dimanche 8 mars 2015

ANNONCE BALLON DL DN4GB-11 le 8 mars 2015

we will lauch on Sunday (08.03.2015) our Ballon. We will be sending SSDV
pictures via RTTY (Radiometrix NTX2).
Tracking is also possible via (Callsign DN4GB-11).

Our Ballon will measure temperature, humdity, UV-radiation and the
concentration of oxigen. We also have build a geiger-counter-tube for
measuring radioation and a absorption spectrometer for further analysis of
the stratosphere. Further information provided under: (german)

Callsign: DN4GB
Transmitter1: Radiometrix NTX2
Frequency: 434.650 Upper Side Band
Mode: RTTY, 600 baud, 610hz Shift, n8, no parity, 1 stop bits

Transmitter2: Baofeng UV5-R Mod
Frequency: 144.800 MHz
Mode: APRS
Launch site: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Predicted Max altitude: 35000 metres
Launch time: 10.00 *Central European Time*, *CET*

Best regards
Annonce diffusée le 8 au soir, si possible faite votre annonce deux jours avant, pour diffusion plus large.

Source : UKHAS
From : f6agv (AT)

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