mercredi 17 août 2016

XABEN - 105 jeudi 18 août 2016

Hi Folks
Announcing a flight from Elsworth tomorrow - launching around lunchtime.

Primary:  X1: 434.500MHz 700Hz shift 50baud 7N1 RTTY

Secondary:  X0:  434.405MHz RTTY/LoRa






LowDataRateOptimize Enabled;


490Hz shift


Listeners would very be appreciated.


Steve Randall
Random Engineering Ltd


Thanks all for tracking this flight.  As you may have noticed, it landed in
a tree, in fact all 3 payloads (2 radio payloads and 1 camera payload)
landed at the top of separate trees, with the 'chute and balloon at the top
of yet more trees.

We couldn't reach any of them with a single telescopic pole, but
fortunately I had 2 poles with me so we built a long and very floppy pole
by putting one inside the other, and applying generous quantities of gaffer
tape to the join.  Even that wasn't quite enough to reach the line (easiest
part to get to) but was enough to get to the camera payload.  After a few
minutes of waving the beast around, we managed to snag the payload and
slowly pull it down.  All 3 payloads, the chute and balloon remnants all
came down as I pulled.


On 16 August 2016 at 10:08, David Akerman <> wrote:

> I'm hoping to do a launch tomorrow morning.  It will be one balloon with 2
> trackers using LoRa (434+868MHz) and RTTY (434MHz).
> Payload IDs etc are:
>         * MORPH - LoRa, 869.85MHz, mode 3 (which is 250kHz / SF7 / EC4:6,
> explicit header), SSDV and telemetry with a 5-second uplink period each
> minute
>         * CHAS - RTTY, 434.250MHz, 300 baud, 710Hz shift, 8 N 2.
> Telemetry only, with a quiet period each minute (to allow for the uplink)
>         * NAILBRUSH - LoRa, 434.450MHz, mode 2 (which is 62.5kHz / SF8 /
> EC4:8, explicit header), Telemetry only, one transmission every 6 seconds
> Predicted burst is 32km and predicted landing is near Ludlow in Shropshire.
> Dave
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Source  directe  :    UKHAS
73 from :  Alan F6AGV   -    BHAF 

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