jeudi 28 avril 2016

ANNONCE BALLON UK le samedi 30 avril 2016 BRISTOL

Another pico launch from Bristol this Saturday 30th. The launch will be at 0900 ISH.
As before the payload is transmitting on 434.600 MHz USB, with an output power of about +6dBm. Each transmission of Contestia 16/1000 will be preceded by 10 seconds of pips and RSID.

This payload uses solar panels to generate power. Hopefully the transmission rate will be once per minute during the day, and once every two minutes at night (if the payload operates at night). It's also capable of transmitting APRS packets, but will only do so outside countries where the amateur license is not permitted airborne (like the UK).

It will probably head south quite quickly after launch, so trackers on the south coast are particularly appreciated. More details will appear on the website

Many Thanks,

Richard Meadows M0SBU
Bristol SEDS (
Source directe :    UKHAS
From :  Alan F6AGV   f6agv '@'

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