vendredi 12 février 2016

SondeMonitor version is on the web page


 SondeMonitor version is on the web page now:

 It adds an option Options..Audio..Channel that allows you to choose the left or the right audio channel for the input.  The previous versions assumed the incoming audio was mono but this version gives you the choice.

 If you are blessed with more than one radiosonde launch within reception range and if you have two receivers, you could run two instances of SondeMonitor with one processing the left input and the other processing the right input to the sound card.

 To go with that addition, this version also allows you to define the output port that feeds Google-Earth.  The default port is 4190 but now you can change it to anything else.  Bear in mind that you will have to edit the google-sonde.kml file that GE uses, to match the changed port number but with this extra feature, you could now feed Google-Earth from two parallel instances of SondeMonitor to show both sonde locations on the same GE maps.

 Unrelated to the above, I have also added a ground track output when signals from the RS41 sonde are being processed.  The file follows the same convention as the ground track file for other sonde types.

 I am indebted to Sigi for suggesting these additions.

 I apologize for any idiosyncratic spelling in this post.  My browser is, of course, in Portuguese and it keeps trying to change all the English words into similar Portuguese ones.

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