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ANNONCES BALLONS pour le vendredi 20 mars (éclipse solaire)

Hi all,
ll being well there will be a launch from Cookstown, N.Ireland on the
20th March at about 07:00. The plan is to have it rise high enough
before the time of maximum solar eclipse, and maybe image the lunar
shadow on the horizon. This will have a slow ascent rate and should
hopefully float at about 36km, on a path which takes it south towards
Dublin, before turning east to Wales and on towards Germany.

Callsign: EAGLE
Frequency: 434.250 MHz
Mode: RTTY 300 baud 8N2

The payload consists of a Raspberry Pi A+, camera and a Pi In The Sky
module. It will be sending SSDV images throughout the flight.

As you can see there are a significant number of launches on Friday the
20th to cover the eclipse. Most of the flights are doing live SSDV and are
likely to feature on BBC's Star Gazing live. We'd appreciate all the
listeners we can.

Also we may see an influx of people on IRC so if people could answer
questions as appropriate I'd appreciate it.


I'm adding BUZZ to the party.  434.315MHz 425Hz, 50 baud, 7 N 2.  No, not
because Buzz Aldrin is on the show tonight and tomorrow, but because Upu
wants an easier job in the chase car :-)

On 15 March 2015 at 22:02, David Akerman <> wrote:

> Tracking details for my eclipse flight.  There will be 2 Raspberry Pi
> trackers each sending telemetry and SSDV using both RTTY and LoRa
> modulation.
> *Pi #1 (camera with solar film)*:
> MARVIN:  434.300MHz, RTTY, 910Hz shift, USB, 300 baud 8 N 2
> ZAPHOD:  434.350kHz, LoRa, Implicit mode, Bandwidth 20.8kHz, Error coding
> 4:5, SF6
> *Pi #2 (bare camera)*:
> KRYTEN:  434.400MHz, RTTY, 910Hz shift, USB, 300 baud 8 N 2
> RIMMER:  434.450kHz, LoRa, Implicit mode, Bandwidth 20.8kHz, Error coding
> 4:5, SF6
> Launch time 8am Friday.
> Dave
I posted a notice in the HABNL group here in the Netherlands, so hopefully
there will be some Dutch trackers too.
Anyway, I will be standby this Friday!

Good luck everybody!
Hi Stefan,

Was your flight cancelled? I waited a wile and nothing happened :)
I hope that everything is alright.

On Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 11:41:58 PM UTC+1, Stefan Biereigel wrote:
> Heyho!
> We are planning to launch a pico floater on Saturday, 14.03.15 at about
> 09.00 UTC. Frequency will be 434.575MHz with RTTY 100Bd/400Hz, 7N2.
> Transmission will occur every 30 seconds and will be preceeded by a beep on
> the higher FSK frequency.
> Predicted general direction is westwards, so we are looking for listeners
> in DL, NL, GB and surrounding!
> Launch will be from Goslar in Germany, estimated altitude 6km. Still
> hoping for friendly weather..
> Thank you all for listening!
> Stefan
On Monday, March 9, 2015 at 4:02:18 PM UTC, David Akerman wrote:
> This is advance warning of a flight to be launched at 8am on Friday March
> 20th.  This one is a bit special and I'd really appreciate as many trackers
> as possible.  It's on a Friday so I realise that there won't be as many
> trackers as at a weekend, plus it's fairly early in the day which doesn't
> help.  However, I have yet to figure out a way to slow down the Moon's
> orbit so the date and time are both very, very fixed.
> The flight is to primarily to take photographs during the partial solar
> eclipse (it's a full eclipse in the Faroes, but unlike Steve's friend I've
> been sent to Leicester instead).  If the flight path allows for a dry
> landing, or at least the possibility of one, then there will be 4 video
> cameras on-board.  Either way, there will be 3 Pi cameras feeding 2 RTTY
> channels and 3 LoRa channels, so plenty of stuff to tune in to.
> The launch activities will be recorded and some of the footage will be
> transmitted on the special BBC Stargazing show from 9am to 10am on that
> day.  There will also be a couple of very brief live segments where,
> hopefully, I get to show some pretty live images.  Also, assuming we get to
> recover the flight, some of the recorded video should end up on the main
> Stargazing show in the evening (9pm-10pm, BBC2).
> As well as the TV stuff, the BBC are running a "spectacular live event"
> from the racecourse, open to the public from 9am to 3pm and then 6pm to
> 9pm.  Entry is free to please do come along if you can.  They have a real
> astronaut and plenty else of interest - see
> I'll post payload IDs and frequencies at the weekend.  That will include
> details of the LoRa stuff, which all being well should bring in rather more
> image data than the RTTY channels.
> Dave
Good luck Strato-Geeks! :)

I hope you don't have interference from balloon KRYTEN from Dave Akerman in
the UK, which also uses 434.400 MHz.
On Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 6:21:51 PM UTC+1, PMBDuke wrote:
> Hello!
> After some tests today, we changed the frequency to 434.4000 Mhz.
> Greetings
> The Strato-Geeks Team
> ( )
Since LoRa brings in so much more image data than RTTY, should trackers 
give priority to the RTTY-only payloads, which are FUSS/SSUF, APJ09 and 

Thanks for the info,

Frits PE2G
Unfortunately APJ09 has been cancelled - one less to worry about.

A suivre,
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