jeudi 20 février 2014

BALLON uX du 20 février 2014

Profil du vol  :   belle montée linéaire ! 

XABEN-63 :  

I'm planning on launching a small 50g tracker on a 100g balloon in an hour or so from Felixstowe cliff tops. Similar to this:

I'm aiming for 5.1m/sec average ascent rate, 5m/sec descent rate. Sea landing expected.
I will be running a scatter of predictions to compare with actual path.

Callsign: uX
Frequency: 434.400MHz
mode: FSK 470Hz shift 7N1 - 50 baud
transmitting: call,seq,time,lat,lon,alt,batteryV,satellites,flags

I will fill in the flight docs when I have it in the air.

Steve   G8KHW 

Source :  UKHAS  

f6agv (AT)

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